Foxears Services


These are places where the foxears community congregates, and stuff run by Chef:

Service Location
IRC #foxears, on
Discord Available upon request, although I may retire it soon

By voluntarily utilizing services provided by foxears, you agree to our rules based on the original set from the original channel:


  1. Don't talk about #foxears around normal folks.
  2. If you must invite normal folks, for the love of all that is good, please be on your best behaviour.
  3. Assume all links are NSFW.
  4. Be nice, but not too nice.
  5. Don't violate the NAP.
  6. Client-side ignore is heavily discouraged; if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  7. Bros before gumihos tbh
  8. [Intentionally left blank]
  9. Don't beef with anyone; if you have beeves, squash that shit.
  10. If you inadvertently end up violating the NAP, admit fault and apologize.
  11. Don't shill things that are bad, or behave as though you have a monopoly on truth.
  12. Don't flood, don't spam.
  13. Listen to the mods
  14. The Kannushi (me) has the final say.