Minecraft and Sleep Deprivation

Hey hey people

Chef here

My last post ended somewhat abruptly as I was really tired. But unfortunately even though I stopped writing at like 00:30, I didn’t fall asleep until around 02:00. And then I had to go to work at 09:00. Consequently, I’ve been struggling to keep my eyes open at work, while writing boring content about Agile and Scrum and what not.

A friend reminded me that something I forgot to mention last night was that I’ve recently spun up a Minecraft server running Enigmatica 2 (1.75b). I added it to our Services page but forgot to mention it in my last blog post.

Minecraft is something that I’ve spent a lot of time playing throughout the years. Seems I spend like at least 100 hours a year playing it.

I seem to be consistently drawn to skinner boxes, especially those that are appealing to autists1. What really brought it to my attention this time around was the Hololive girls (a group of Virtual Youtubers) playing it. Incidentally, what introduced me to them in the first place was the Azur Lane collaboration, which also featured a Minecraft-esque aesthetic.

I highly recommend checking out some of their Minecraft videos.

The Aqua’s Neighbour series in particular is fantastic:

Rushia-chan is also a veritable angel:

Fubuki-chan is also sort of an unofficial mascot of the #foxears community, being fox-eared and such:

You can feel the salt in this vid, lol.

I digress, I can go on about these virtual/nubile young maidens all day.

Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to play much on the server after setting it up. But thankfully a number of my friends are joining, and many of us are actually going to utilize Mumble (even a friend who I’ve been trying to get to join us on Mumble for ages), so I’ll have a chance to utilize English with other native speakers. I’ve been excitedly thinking about it all day. I think to myself “as soon as I clock out, I’m gonna do this, and I’m gonna do that” but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to actually accomplish anything. Part of me wants to take a nap first, and then log on. But I’m not sure if that’s possible.

I’m especially bitter because tomorrow was supposed to be a good day in which I got to go purchase hardware for my company, which I was going to spend the weekend installing and setting up. It seems that I accidentally ended up lowballing the budget for our domain controller though, so either I’m going to end up paying out my pocket for one, or we’ll just have to do without. To make matters worse it feels like I’ll be tired tomorrow no matter what I do. Additionally, well, I work weekends. My days off are Monday and Tuesday. This also compounded with the fact that I work 9 hours a day, from 0900-1800, with a 1 hour lunch break. Will probably have to start taking naps instead of eating lunch if I want to stay sane.

I need a bigger bed, and a better pillow, and healthier habits wrt2 redacted3 and time management.

Apropos of sleep deprivation, I’ve been feeling pretty ill since I got off work, so much so that I’m publishing this post two hours late (it’s about 20:00 here)4. Really nauseous, and my right arm has been kinda numb on and all, and then sometimes it burns. I think it’s a combination of being exhausted, having poor posture, and maybe a pinched nerve somewhere. I hope.

Assuming I don’t die, my next two posts are already planned, one will be about music, one will be about the fantasy setting I’m planning on writing some stories in and tangentially how that makes me think of one of my friends.

Chef out o/

  1. I’m mildly autistic myself, so I should be allowed to say “autists” without being crucified ↩︎

  2. With regards to ↩︎

  3. Redacted, will edit later ↩︎

  4. Update: Now it’s closer to 21:00, but I’m going to bed for real ↩︎