General Updates on life

Howdy y’all, long time no see.

A lot has happened after my last post, so I’m going to try and briefly summarize everything to the best of my ability.


11 days after my last post my Birthday happened. I got fucking trashed and that kind of threw off my rhythm. That’s one of my many excuses for not having updated my site in so long.

Since then I’ve been going to greater lengths to moderate my consumption of alcohol.

Enabled emoji

I finally figured out how to get emoji working 😂

July through September

I actually don’t remember much of what happened in between then and now. I’ve been in sort of a foggy state.

What I do remember is that I’ve been consuming a shitton of vtuber related content, spending time with the new local crew, and playing a lot of video games.

The games I played during that period were:

And the games I’ve been playing more recently are:

  • Factorio
  • Rimworld
  • Minecraft
  • Grim Dawn
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Muse Dash

Job change; Moving

I ended up ragequitting Domino’s after being the last closer left at my particular store.

As a consequence of the change in my income and not wanting to be a burden to my bestie and his family, I ended up moving from Mesquite to Richardson, and once again became the beneficiary of Ducky’s family.

After about a month or so of being in-between jobs, I landed a gig with QT and have been enjoying it so far. My only complaint so far is that I’m not getting enough hours, but I think with some lifestyle changes, and possibly picking up more shifts, I should be able to make it work.

Hung out with Decanter

Decan-can ended up visiting for a weekend immediately after I finished my training/orientation at QT. We ate good food, talked about life, fucked up my sleep schedule, and thanks to his influence– I managed to finally catch up on some serials that are popular in our community1.

Free Time

After my “quick start” at QT, I got reduced to like 15 hours a week, so I’ve been trying to pick up some shifts on the side to no avail. And mostly been sitting on my hands.

I decided to make the most of having free time, so I’ve been diversifying my hobbies a bit, and trying to execute old ideas. For example:

  • I revamped the theme for my website
  • I grabbed Clip Studio Pro and started learning how to draw (I will be posting notes and sharing updates about that here)
  • I’ve been thinking about my fantasy setting and how to actually start writing in it (revamped the writing section of my website to reflect the serial nature of what I’m going to start writing)
  • I’ve been reflecting on my own personal beliefs, and have been working towards codifying them into something coherent and consistent.
  • I mustered the strength to actually write this post
  • Since the weather has improved, I’m going to try and go on daily walks

Re: Drawing

How I actually ended up becoming interested in drawing, was the debut and appearance of an English vtuber called Ninomae Ina’nis, if I had to describe her to the uninitiated, I think my exact verbiage would be

“Cute anime girl Bob Ross”

For an example of her content:

Very relaxing to listen to, and very informative. Her content coupled with the guidance of one of my oldest friends2, and his instruction on things like composition, perspective, line confidence, etc. constitutes a pretty good curriculum for learning how to draw.


Thanks for reading everyone.

I think I can manage to actually follow-through on daily posts moving forward. In fact, I have a shift at work tomorrow and will probably report on how it goes here.

Look forward to it.

  1. Mostly works by an author known as Sarah Lin ↩︎

  2. He’s known as potatogenius on our Matrix server, if anyone wants to bother him. ↩︎